Safety Alert02 Dec

Electricity safety regulator, Energy Safe Victoria (ESV), has issued this “Safety Alert” to warn the community – householders and business operators – of the importance of installing safety switches in premises and ensuring that all electrical equipment is in good condition and not damaged in any way.

The “Alert” has been issued following a death at East Gippsland on 26 November 2009.

A safety switch was not installed on the power circuit in the garage where the body was found. The victim’s life would have been saved if a safety switch had been installed.

The garage had an earthen floor which was extremely wet in parts. The victim was not wearing shoes or socks.

It is essential that the community understands that electricity can be dangerous if not respected and used properly.
Follow these simple precautions:
· Ensure that safety switches are installed on the power and lighting circuits in all properties;
· Make sure that all electrical equipment, including extension leads, is in good condition and not showing any signs of damage;
· If in doubt about the condition any equipment, discard it and ensure the item cannot be re-used or re-cycled by others;
· Install permanent power points in properties – extension leads and powerboards are only a temporary answer to powering appliances and equipment.

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