Electrical Safety Tips

  • Because water conducts electricity DO NOT touch electrical appliances or switches with wet hands. You could get a fatal shock.
  • Do not place combustible material like clothes and paper on heaters or too close to them.
  • Never use faulty electrical appliances, especially if one has a frayed cord, cracked or broken plug, or any appliance that has given someone any kind of electrical shock.
  • Combustible material like curtains, tea towels,clothes and bed linen, must be kept away from heaters, lamps and stove tops,as heat build-up cause fires.
  • Clean the lint filter in your clothes dryer after every use.
  • Electric blankets should be checked each winter for damage like wires, leads and hot spots. If damaged replace it and throw out the old blanket.
  • NEVER purchase second hand electric blankets.
  • NEVER use a powerpoint or light switch that has cracks in the plastic, as the switch can pop- out at anytime and expose live electrical parts inside that can easily be touched by accident.
  • If a you can smell a plastic burning smell, and when the power is turned off it goes away, beware there may be a electrical fire starting, turn off electricity supply to the house at the main electrical switchboard and call a emergency electrical service as soon as possible.
  • A safety switch, is also known as a Residual current device and commonly referred to as a RCD.
  • A powerpoint is sometimes referred to as a GPO , or DGPO by many electricians. These are short for General Power Outlet, and Double General Power Outlet. That means one, or two plugs can be put in at any time.
  • A Single pole safety switch is a safety switch and Circuit breaker together in one designed to fit into a single slot on a switchboard.
  • NOT having a safety switch on your lights is a fire risk.
  • A safety switch has a switch, and a TEST BUTTON on it. If there is only a switch, it IS NOT a safety switch.
  • A simple test what is covered by your safety switch, if you have one, is to press the test button, on a RCD, or safety switch, or residual current device. Whatever turns off is protected by a safety switch, if anything is still working beware, you have not protection from electrical faults and can be severely hurt in the event of an electrical malfunction.
  • A main switch will not turn off in event of a overload or short circuit.
  • A Main Switch Circuit Breaker will switch off in event of a short circuit, or overload, ensure you have one installed for you own safety and the houses protection.
  • A Emergency Electrical service can help you 24 hours. Don’t try to fix it yourself, it may be the last thing you ever do. Electricity kills in milliseconds. FreeCall 1800 815 422 In Victoria.
  • If you do electrical work yourself in Victoria, you can be criminally liable for any damage or injuries caused.
  • Energy Safe Victoria is the regulatory body for any electrical or gas tradespeople, licences, prosecutions and news in victoria. Energy safe victoria will also investigate illegal or dodgey electricians if you call them. But beware, if an electrical installation, like your home, or office is found to be unsafe, they will issue YOU with a demand to repair it or YOUR power will be cut from the street.
  • Citipower charges around $400 to $800 dollars to reconnect your electricity after your electricity supply if disconnected from the street. It usually is an added charge on your electricity bill.
  • Citipower , SpAusnet , Powercor , Jemena all have the right to disconnect your electricity if they feel it is unsafe to leave it connected. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want them to, its the law. They are not required to notify you. Best to call an After hours electrical service first.
  • A safety certificate is not a guarantee of workmanship, all electricians are required by Energy Safe Victoria to submit one to them after Electrical works has been completed.
  • A Electrical Safety Certificate is online only, and a copy is not automatically given to customers, but rather a copy is sent to the electricians email and a copy is also held at Energy Safe Victoria.
  • Bad Electrical works and electricians can only be prosecuted within 12 months.
  • A domestic electrician is a electrician who works only on houses generally only within business hours, monday to friday. You will rarely be able to contact them after hours, or receive a electrical emergency service on weekends.
  • A commercial electrician only works on commercial building sites or maintaining existing commercial buildings during standard work hours. Don’t bother calling them after hours or at night. Instead call Emergency Electrician 24hr anytime day or night for a fast electrical service.
  • An Emergency Electrician is a electrician trained specifically in providing after hours service any day of the week at any time of night to repair your electricity problems. They are usually more costly as they give a fast response time and actually answer your calls like they advertise 24hrs 7 days a week. They will also have the parts required to help you, many normal electricians do not carry much stock.


01/04/21 – We are CLOSED until further notice. But don’t panic, there are thousands of other electricians in Melbourne, Thank you.

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01/04/21 – We are CLOSED until further notice. But don’t panic, there are thousands of other electricians in Melbourne, Thank you.

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