How to Change a 12V Halogen Downlight Bulb in a Metal Ring Style10 Mar

How to change a 12V down light globe in a older cir-clip / metal ring holding in globe type fitting, which is in some old houses/ buildings in Australia. If unsure at any stage, please use a licensed electrician. ALWAYS make sure the switch is turned OFF, the fitting has cooled down and proper safety precautions are taken. Never work with the Electricity on.

2 Responses to “How to Change a 12V Halogen Downlight Bulb in a Metal Ring Style”

  1. Kevin Reply

    I need to replace a downlight the bracket and all because the spring clips are broken. I need to disconnect it from the clip at the end of the wire (similar to the one in this video) to plug in the new one. Do I need to turn off the electricity or can I just turn off the light?

  2. Chris Reply

    Hey there Kevin,
    When you turn off the light switch, under normal circumstances the flow of electricity to the bracket is cut off, so no harm should be done, but there is always a risk of failure in the wires, so to be absolutely sure, better turn off electricity in that part of the house.

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