Importance of Automatic Fire Extinguishers, Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Alarms14 Mar

A very handy fire fighting tool is the Automatic fire extinguisher. They come in many shapes and sizes and depending on the model, once the temperature in the sensor reaches 78 degrees C, the glass bursts extinguishing the fire by means of Dry Chemical powder blasting out at high pressure. A 9kg Automatic Fire extinguisher can be bought for around $250. They are roof mountable and can be installed inside the roof, to just have a nozzle hanging out of the ceiling.

In my opinion, i would think your mad not to have them installed in your home. Sure they will make a lot of mess when they stop a fire (thats lots of highly pressurised powder thats gonna come out) but heck, its worth it!

Smoke detectors help in detecting the fire, but as we hear so much of lately on the news, fires can spiral out of control in a matter of minutes, leaving the inhabitants helpless. Obviously they do not replace smoke detectors, or the fire brigade, but i sleep very sound now knowing that if a fire starts in my house, it will be automatically put out. Your life and the life of your family, children, pets are worth more than a few thousand dollars aren’t they?

If they are, what’s stopping you from becoming a statistic?

Recently we all heard of the celebrity chef who most shockingly lost his family to house fire. As a father of 3 myself that is the worst thing i could possibly imagaine happening. The sorrow would be heartbreaking, soulbreaking utterly indescribable.

It is important to realise, all fires are different, all causes are not the same nobody thinks it will happend to them, but what you need to realise is the outcome for you if it did. Well i looked at what sorrow and pain it would bring to me, and have put measures in place to make sure my family does not become a statistic.

I have installed cO2 detectors in each of my kids bedrooms, a 10yr Lithium battery powered smoke detector , in which the batteries last 10 years, and most importantly, a 9kg Dry Powder Automatic fire extinguisher. But they look so ugly you say, not when the red body is inside your roof, and all that sticks down is the nozzle! No roof space? Well get it mounted onto the ceiling somewhere and have a carpenter build a box around it, make it inside a cabinet, or wardrobe there is no excuse.

Cost you ask ?
I have spent a total of $450, for each bedroom installing these preventative measures. To add to this, I have also installed a smoke detector and 2 automatic extinguishers in the
roof space (make sure your roof space doesn’t get hotter than 78 degrees i have roof vents and whirly birds to prevent that, but if you can’t do this, there is a fuse operated automatc fire extinguisher that doesn’t rely on heat to set it off but on a flame that ignites it then it activates), 1 of each under the timber floor near my gas ducted heater, 1 under the floor over the opposite end of the house, 1 in the hallways and 1 near the doorway. Not to forget a automatic extinguisher is also in the kitchen area. The amount of times I, as a 24hour electrician who provides a Emergency electrical service at any time of the day/night have attended kitchen fires its amazing to find, no smoke detectors, fire blankets , fire extinguishers at all!

I used a total of 11 9kg Automatic Fire Extinguishers for my house. The cost was $3750 including mounting and plaster work after mounting around the nozzles. Obviously this cost will vary depending on the size of yourhouse, the tradesmen used and amount you get but i mean come on, whats your life worth? Whats your kids life worth? Whats your pets life worth?

A little more than $4000! Add diy 10yr battery smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms to that, and for around $5000, you’ve done just about all you can. Protection against house fire, protection against carbon monoxide poisoning. Just remember, i don’t sell these, theres nothing in it for me at all, i see the results first hand in my job all the time and just hope after reading this you will act.

Do a bit of searching on the internet, make up your own mind but in my opinion your dicing with death to do nothing.

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